Jason Kidd explains his performance

Jason Kidd had a wonderful performance in Game 1 vs. Portland.

He scored 24 points on 9-of-14 shooting from the field and made a playoff-career high six 3-point field goals. Kidd had taken a week off early in April as the Mavericks finished the late stages of the regular season.

Kidd didn't have his feet up during his time off. He did some work.

"It was just working on some fundamentals, shooting, just talking and observing something that Dirk [Nowitzki] does," Kidd said Sunday afternoon following Mavericks' practice at the AAC. "I tried to do that with my week off. I wish I had my feet up."

Kidd said he worked on placing his hands differently on the ball in a silminar fashion as Nowitzki.

"Just his 'V'," Kidd said alluding to how Nowitzki places his hands on the ball. "He has all kinds of tendencies. The big thing is being confident when I shoot the ball."

Rest is another big factor with Kidd.

There are two days off between Game 1 and 2. Rest is important for the 38-year-old point guard, yet he understands after 17 NBA seasons that the playoffs are no time for rest.

"At some point you're going to have one day off," Kidd said. "To have a couple days here is good but you want to get back out and play. I'm ready to go. I feel good. A couple days here might help us being an older team, and we want to get back out there. This is the playoffs. This is what we signed up for, the enjoyment of trying to win that trophy."