League: Kidd's late Game 3 shot was a 3

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The bad news piled on for the Dallas Mavericks and owner Mark Cuban Saturday. NBA spokesman Tim Frank said that Jason Kidd's 2-point basket with 12.9 seconds to go should have been ruled a 3-pointer after the review.

Kidd's toe was ruled to be barely touching the arc. The basket closed the Portland Trail Blazers' lead to 95-92. However, two different replay angles seemed to show differing results. From one angle it appeared that Kidd's toe was indeed on the arc. However, an angle from the other side appeared to show space between Kidd's shoe and the arc, which would have made it a 3-pointer and 95-93 deficit.

Either way the Mavs had to foul. They did and sent Blazers point guard Andre Miller to the free throw line. He made both attempts for a 97-92 lead, which proved to be the final score.