Jason Kidd has four points, ton of impact

DALLAS -- Jason Kidd had a pretty four-point performance.

"You can’t say that often," Kidd said with a laugh.

Actually, his path to the Hall of Fame was paved by nights like this. Kidd dished out 14 assists, committed only two turnovers and grabbed seven rebounds while the Mavs had an 18-point edge in his 36 minutes. He was a key to the Mavs’ 93-82 win in over Portland in pivotal Game 5 despite his only bucket being a layup late in the game.

Not that Kidd planned a passing clinic at the expense of scoring points.

"I just missed some shots," said Kidd, who was 1-of-7 from the floor and 0-of-5 from 3-point range.

Kidd’s shooting in the first two games, when he knocked down nine 3s and averaged 21 points, was an exception. His artistic outing running the offense in Game 5 is the expectation for the 38-year-old floor general.

"Kidd played a great all-around game," coach Rick Carlisle said. "His shot-making wasn’t what it’s been in other games, but his leadership, his presence gives other guys confidence. That’s really important to us."