Complaints haven't cost Cuban ... yet

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The NBA office has yet to announce any fine for Mark Cuban after the Mavs' owner publicly complained about two Game 4 calls.

If Cuban doesn't have to cough up at least $35,000, the league owes Portland coach Nate McMillan a refund.

That's the amount McMillan was fined for complaining about the 19-2 free throw disparity in the Mavs' favor during the fourth quarter of Game 1.

McMillan's comments didn't focus on any particular calls. He said he thought the officiating "took the momentum away and pretty much gave them control in the game."

Cuban, on the other hand, pinpointed a pair of foul calls that went against the Mavs as problems: a loose ball foul against Tyson Chandler midway through the fourth quarter and a charge call against Dirk Nowitzki with a little more than two minutes remaining.

They are at least equal offenses. Cuban knew that when he made his comments, making the calculated decision that getting his complaint on the record was worth the price.

The only reasonable explanation for the delay in announcing the fine is that the NBA office is taking its time to decide how much Cuban owes. Considering his track record, it might be much more than $35,000.