Consensus: Champs will advance

With the start of the second round come the obligatory picks from the ESPN Dallas family -- both from ESPNDallas.com and 103.3 FM.

The consensus seems to lean toward the Lakers, who will have homecourt advantage. You can see a consensed version of their picks (along with their mugs) on our Mavericks Playoffs Center. You will also find predictions from throughout ESPN.com's NBA ranks along with matchups, podcasts and more.

And now, without further ado ...

Todd Archer, ESPNDallas.com -- Lakers in 7. Chris Paul showed LA may be vulnerable, but it's not that vulnerable.

Bryan Broaddus, ESPNDallas.com -- Mavs in 6. Is this a dominant Lakers team?

Jeff Caplan, ESPNDallas.com -- Lakers in 6. The matchups simply don't favor the Mavs. Dirk will have to work too hard on the defensive end and each leak you try to plug sets off another.

Chuck Cooperstein, Coop and Nate -- Lakers in 7. With the 800-pound gorilla off their backs, the Mavericks have nothing to lose and will play like it. Ultimately, home court and too much Laker size will make the slightest of difference.

Richard Durrett, ESPNDallas.com. -- Lakers in 7. Mavericks will put up a great fight, but Kobe will get it done.

Ian Fitzsimmons, Galloway & Company -- Mavs in 6. Two reasons: They won't win a Game 7 in L.A. and because Sir Charles said so.

Randy Galloway, Galloway & Company -- Lakers in 5. The Lakers are too big and too good. Mavs will get Black Mamba'd.

Tim MacMahon, ESPNDallas.com -- Lakers in 7. My gut says Lakers won't really need seven games, but Mavs earned respect by proving me wrong in the first round.

Matt Mosley, Galloway & Company -- Lakers in 6. Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol will be too much for the Mavs.

Nate Newton, Coop and Nate -- Mavs in 7. Mavs can win in 7 only if Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood have excellent games. Jason Terry has to continue his hot shooting. It would be a big help if they can get a split in the first two games. Mavs have a great chance of winning.

Ben Rogers, Ben and Skin -- Mavs in 6. A skeptical hater in the first round, I've since jerked the wheel the other way entirely after attending Believer School in Portland. I hear three-peating can sometimes be difficult. I also hear Kobe's tender ankles are vulnerable in low tops. And I hear you, Sir Charles. Fat boys unite.

Joe Trahan, ESPNDallas.com Live -- Mavs in 6. Lakers have shown some vulnerability.

Jeff "Skin" Wade, Ben and Skin -- Mavs in 7. Despite Kobe going for 38 on two bad ankles and three hyperextended hinge joints, Dirk forces OT in Game 7 on a driving layup and one as Artest hammers The Big German while screaming "This is for Manu!" Dallas pulls out epic win in OT. Phil retires with 1:30 left on the clock. There is much rejoicing.

Calvin Watkins, ESPNDallas.com -- Lakers in 6. Pau Gasol will be the difference with a hobbled Kobe Bryant.