J.J. Barea: League will make call on Artest

LOS ANGELES -- J.J. Barea thinks the league office will find Ron Artest's hand rake across his face with 24.4 seconds to play interesting viewing.

"I think the league will take a look at it and we'll see what happens," Barea said after the Mavericks' stunning 93-81 Game 2 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers for a 2-0 lead in the second-round series. "It's not a basketball play. We'll see what happens."

With the Mavs having run away with the game in the fourth quarter in large part due to Barea's fearless play, accounting for eight of his 12 points in the quarter, Lakers forward Lamar Odom fouled Barea in the backcourt. Artest then reached out with his right arm and grabbed Barea's face, knocking the backup point guard to the floor.

Artest was hit with a technical, his second of the game, sending him to the showers with an automatic ejection. An elbow to Tyson Chandler late in the second quarter earned Artest the first technical.

The ugly play on Barea, however, could earn the Lakers' starting small forward, who is just 5-of-18 from the floor in the two games, a suspension for Game 3 on Friday night in Dallas.

Barea said he won't play the role of judge and jury.

"I'm not going to get all into that," Barea said. "I'll let the league decide that."

Barea's not the only one thinking Artest likely deserves to sit a game.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson called the face-grab "uncalled for" and thinks there's a good chance Artest will be suspsended.