J.J. Barea OK with Artest's suspension

As far as J.J. Barea is concerned, justice has been served.

Ron Artest released his frustration in the final minute of the Lakers' Game 2 loss to the Mavericks by smacking Barea in the face. That cost Artest a one-game suspension, and Barea believes the punishment fit the crime.

"I think one game is fine," Barea said during an appearance on ESPN 103.3's Galloway and Company. "The league didn’t like that it was to the face and it was after the play was called. That’s never going to be good with the league. They’re making a point and he was suspended for one game."

The face loved by former Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera, Barea's girlfriend, is fine.

"I'm doing good," Barea said. "I've been hit harder than that before."