Face fine, J.J.Barea expects L.A. adjustments

DALLAS -- J.J. Barea doesn't know what to make of the Los Angeles Lakers' trust issues, but he does have a feel for his face.

"I'm fine," Barea said. "My ugly nose is fine."

As for those trust issues that Lakers center Andrew Bynum brought up after Game 2 concerning L.A.'s rotations on the defensive end, Barea does expect adjustments in tonight's Game 3.

"I'm expecting them to do something different. I don't know if they're going to switch or whatever. They're going to do something," said Barea, who picked apart the Lakers defense for eight points and two assists in the fourth quarter of Game 2. "I think they're going to change what they were doing the first two games and we've got to read that early and see what happens."

It wasn't just Barea killing the Lakers off the pick-and-roll. Tyson Chandler got loose for multiple alley-oops, something L.A. will certainly have to take a close look at. The Mavs' ball movement has been excellent in the series. The Lakers have had to contend with the Mavs' wing shooters, plus Dirk Nowitzki. It's made the Lakers indecisive and a step slow in the first two games.

"Spacing the floor and having guys who can knock down the 3 helps," Jason Kidd said. "In this league you're going to give up something. For us it's just a matter of trying to get to the paint and make things happen. If you can take the layup, take the layup, but if people come in and contest the layup, you got guys that are open on the perimeter."