Mavs 'haven't played our best basketball'

DALLAS – Much has been made of the long list of things the Lakers have done wrong so far this series.

Well, the Mavs see plenty of room for improvement when they watch the game film, too.

“We still haven’t really played our best basketball game for 48 minutes,” Jason Terry said. “That’s the encouraging thing for us.”

The Mavs believe they can do a better job of pushing the tempo, especially by beating the Lakers’ big men down the floor. They think they’ll shoot much better than they did in Game 2, when they hit only 42 percent from the floor despite getting great looks on a consistent basis. Game 1 had plenty of things to nitpick, led by the foolishness at the end of the first half and outbreak of turnovers at the beginning of the second half.

The Mavs’ record in this series is perfect. Their performance has not been.

They anticipate the Lakers have their best effort of the series in Game 3. The Mavs expect to match that with their best.

“We can play better, and we’re going to have to,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “They’re going to lift up their game. They’re going to play with more urgency. We know that, and we know that being home is no guarantee for us. We’ve got to continue to get better.”