J.J. Barea accepts Andrew Bynum's apology

DALLAS -- Andrew Bynum tried to call J.J. Barea on Tuesday to apologize cell phone to cell phone. But all he got was Barea's voice mail, just like everybody else in the world who tried to reach the Dallas Mavericks backup point guard.

The hubbub started Tuesday morning when Bynum publicly apologized for his mid-air forearm shiver to Barea's ribs in the fourth quarter of the series-clinching Game 4.

"I had so many people calling me and texting me yesterday, my phone was on silence all day," Barea said after the Mavs' practice Wednesday. "I wasn’t really paying attention to it."

So Bynum left an apology via voice mail, one that Barea says was sincere and one he accepts.

"I believe him," Barea said. "He regrets fouling me. He regrets what he did. I think he means well and it’s just a mistake thatn can happen to anybody."

It was an act out of frustration. Barea was killing the Lakers during the series and particularly in Game 4 with numerous drives through the paint that had the Lakers yapping at each other and Bynum talking about "trust issues" on defense after Game 2 when Barea had eight points and two assists.

Barea said his ribs are slightly bruised and he has a bruise on his left hand from landing on it. But he said the hit won't stop him from playing his game and that means driving into the land of the giants and going hard to the hole.

"I’m going to keep driving and I’m going to keep getting hit," Barea said. "That’s what happens."