Only Game 4 replay Jet's seen is in his mind

DALLAS -- Think the Dallas Mavericks wanted to keep on playing after steamrolling the Los Angeles Lakers in four games? Imagine how Jason Terry feels.

Terry had one of his all-time great playoff performances in Game 4, tying an NBA postseason record with nine 3-pointers, and he took just 10. He finished with 32 points in the annihilation of the Lakers.

So, how has it been to sit on a game like that for five consecutive days and at least one more, and possible three more, coming before Game 1 of the Western Conference finals begin? Terry just smiles and says he hasn't lost his stroke.

"I'm putting up a lot of shots in practice," Terry said. "I’ve had plenty of opportunities today again in the scrimmage, hit a couple from long range. It’s still there and looking really forward to Game 1."

Terry capped the scrimmage with a heave that apparently even shocked his teammates.

"I just hit one here at the end of the scrimmage and they just looked at me like, 'How did he hit that one?'" Terry said.

Still, Terry is ready to get this going. And why not considering he's in the midst of a personal all-time best playoff run. Through 10 games he's averaging 18.3 points -- 2 1/2 points higher than his regular-season average -- and he's pumping in shots at a 52.4-percent rate overall and 50 percent from 3-point range. Even before draining 9-of-10, Terry was at a very respectable 38.2 percent -- about what he shot overall in his last two postseasons.

When he's hitting, the Mavs are obviously a far more lethal team as Portland and L.A. both found out.

Terry said he has yet to go back and watch his pinpoint accuracy in series-clinching Game 4 in full.

"I could replay it in my mind and know pretty much each shot that I took and play by play," Terry said. "Again, I’m so ready to get onto this next series. I enjoyed it while it was there, again, mentally in my mind I play it over again, but as far as watching that series, it’s over with. I’m anxious. I’m ready to move on."