Jason Terry's doing a lot more than score

DALLAS – Jason Terry admitted that he had a lot to prove entering the playoffs.

After a couple of strong series, Terry wants to clarify something.

“I’m doing it for myself and my teammates only,” Terry said. “For everyone else, I could care less. It’s more about proving to myself and proving to my teammates that Jet’s here. He’s going to be consistent every time he steps on the floor and doing what he can to help get a win.”

Terry didn’t mention his head coach, but Rick Carlisle loves what he’s seen from Terry so far in these playoffs. And Terry’s terrific offensive numbers (18.3 points per game with a .524 field-goal percentage and .500 3-point percentage) rank down Carlisle’s list.

“It’s really his all-around game that I keep emphasizing and focusing on,” Carlisle said. “Defensively in the Lakers series, he was terrific. Defensively in the Portland series, he was terrific. He got guys involved in both series, and when the shots were there, he was ready to step into them.

“Too often, people will look at percentages or averages and draw judgments. We need him to do so many other things than just score the ball, and he’s done them.”