Deciper this: Carlisle on Thunder, Grizzlies

DALLAS -- Finally, the Western Conference finals matchup is hours away from being set.

Who do the Dallas Mavericks want to play?

Well, read coach Rick Carlisle's words and try to decipher what he thinks.

Carlisle on the Oklahoma City Thunder:

"Oklahoma City looks different because we didn’t see them when they made the trade, so their personnel situation is much different. They had a great year last year, they took the Lakers to six games, so their season was viewed as very positive... and then now they’re on the brink of being in the third round, so they’ve gained a lot of confidence. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant have continued to get better. And because of the trade, Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic were both guys that got shots when they were structured that way before. Now, the ball is in Westbrook's and Durant’s and James Harden’s hands more and their better players are getting a higher concentration of shots, which means they’re a better team."

Carlisle on the Memphis Grizzlies:

"Memphis has continued what they did the last month, month-and-a-half of the regular season. And that is they’re a defense-first, strong-willed, inside, beat-you-up, kick-the crap-out-of-you type team. Rebounding is a monster stat when you play Memphis."

And finally...

"It’s no bargain either way. You’ve got two super athletes [Westbrook and Durant] with Oklahoma City. They’re great skill players that are both either first-team All-NBA or second team All-NBA, and with Memphis you got Zach Randolph and a bunch of guys that really get after you defensively and really create a lot of problems by forcing turnovers."