Consensus: Mavs make second Finals

With the start of the conference finals come obligatory picks from the ESPN Dallas family -- both from ESPNDallas.com and 103.3 FM.

The consensus seems to lean toward the Mavericks, who will have homecourt advantage. You can see a condensed version of their picks (along with their mugs) on our Mavericks Playoffs Center. You will also find predictions from throughout ESPN.com's NBA ranks along with matchups, podcasts and more.

And now, without further ado ...

Todd Archer, ESPNDallas.com -- Mavs in 6. Don't worry about too much rest. That helps the experienced Mavs get by the youthful Thunder. Don't see how Nowitzki is contained by OKC.

Bryan Broaddus, ESPNDallas.com -- Mavs in 6. Matching up with the Thunder will be a struggle for the Mavs, but the veteran leadership will be the difference.

Jeff Caplan, ESPNDallas.com -- Mavs in 7. This should be a wildly entertaining series, but in the end the Mavs will have more success guarding the Thunder's two stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, than OKC will have defending Dirk and Dallas' perimeter shooters.

Chuck Cooperstein, Coop and Nate -- Mavs in 5. Too much experience, too much firepower.

Richard Durrett, ESPNDallas.com. -- Mavs in 6. The long layoff helps this team and Mavs' bench proves to be the difference. Oh, and that Dirk guy is really good.

Ian Fitzsimmons, Galloway & Company -- Mavs in 6. OKC has no answer for Dirk. Ms. Universe distracts Westbrook just long enough for lil JJ to drive by and hit the Game winner to clinch in 6.

Randy Galloway, Galloway & Company -- Thunder in 5. Actually, I like the Mavs in seven, but since I haven’t been right yet in these playoffs lets go with OKC.

Tim MacMahon, ESPNDallas.com -- Mavs in 6. The Thunder will crumble during crunch time against the much more experienced Mavs.

Matt Mosley, Galloway & Company -- Mavs in 5. Too much experience for the Thunder. Westbrook squeezes of 32 shots per game.

Nate Newton, Coop and Nate -- Mavs in 7. If Russell Westbrook plays more to the triple-double side of his alter ego, it could be a nightmare for the Mavs because I see no one stopping him. By the same token, if he turns into Mr. Hyde and puts up 30 shots a game while neglecting Kevin Durant then it's over in 5.

Ben Rogers, Ben and Skin -- Mavs in 6. OKC is too young to snatch the pebble from JKidd's wrinkled, shaking hand. Mavs will ride their experience - and Dirk's wide, German supershoulders all the way back to the NBA finals where they will attempt to avenge 2006.

Joe Trahan, ESPNDallas.com Live -- Mavs in 6. Mavs' veteran savy will carry them past the Thunder.

Jeff "Skin" Wade, Ben and Skin -- Mavs in 6. All you need to know is that I picked Round 1, I called the Laker collapse back in February, and I invented the Caron Butler trade ... so get at me.

Calvin Watkins, ESPNDallas.com -- Mavs in 6. The bench will be the difference.