Chandler: I don't care about Perkins' problem

DALLAS -- The simmering rivalry Kendrick Perkins claims to have with Tyson Chandler is news to the Mavs' big man.

"I was surprised, because I didn’t know we had a problem," Chandler said. "And I don’t care to know that we had a problem to be honest with you. I’m here to help my team win. I’m not going to get anything by getting into it with him."

The centers were called for double technical fouls 70 seconds into the series opener, although Chandler's was rescinded by the NBA the next day.

After Chandler said he respected Perkins but wouldn't get involved in his "nonsense," Perkins declared that there was long-brewing mutual dislike between the big men.

Chandler has no clue where Perkins got that idea.

"I've never had a conversation with him," Chandler said. "Now ain't the time to start."