Execution, not X's and O's, hurting Dallas D

DALLAS -- After the Mavs' last playoff loss, players didn't hesitate to point out the strategic flaws of failing to adjust while Portland's Brandon Roy had the quarter of his career.

There is no finger pointing now.

The Mavs' defensive woes in the West finals aren't a coaching problem. The Thunder deserve credit for presenting a tough matchup, but the Mavs have been sloppy on the defensive end.

Coach Rick Carlisle said the Mavs need to make some adjustments after allowing an average of 109 points in the first two games of the series. However, the X's and O's aren't nearly as important as attention to detail and effort.

"I like our game plan," big man Tyson Chandler said. "I just think that we haven’t executed our game plan. We haven’t given it a chance to make adjustments. ...

"We’ve got to trust that the coaches know what they’re doing when they’re breaking down the film. That’s what they get paid for, and we get paid to execute it. Now it’s our time to get out and execute it."