Brendan Haywood: 'Peja is my guy'

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Brendan Haywood laughed off a question about Peja Stojakovic defending Kevin Durant after the Mavs’ Game 3 win.

“Oh, man, I’m not even touching that one again,” Haywood said. “Peja is my guy. I love Peja to death, but we probably want to have D-Steve [DeShawn Stevenson] or Shawn Marion on [Durant].”

In a lighthearted manner, Haywood pointed out Peja’s problems keeping up with Kevin Durant on the perimeter, which led to the two-time NBA scoring champ’s YouTube sensation slam over the backup big man in the Thunder’s Game 2 win. With a straight face, Haywood elaborated extensively on the Dallas' perimeter D woes while the Thunder averaged 109 points at the AAC.

Stojakovic held up well enough on the defensive end Saturday for the Mavs to outscore OKC by 14 in his 16 minutes.