Tyson Chandler gives speech: 'I'm not giving up'

OKLAHOMA CITY – As proud as he is of the Mavericks’ amazing rally, this film session won’t be fun for Tyson Chandler.

Chandler was extremely disappointed in his individual performance in the Game 4 comeback win that gave the Mavs complete control of the West finals. He took the Thunder’s 55-33 rebound advantage personally. He was especially frustrated that he couldn’t keep Nick Collison, who had six of Oklahoma City’s 20 offensive rebounds, from consistently generating second chances.

“For whatever reason, I could not get into this game,” said Chandler, who had eight rebounds in 35 minutes. “Things were not going right for me. I got the two quick fouls. It seemed like Collison was beating me to every loose ball. I was miscommunicating on the defensive end. It just wasn’t going right.

“But I told myself and told my teammates, ‘Listen, we’re not giving up. I’m not giving up. I ain’t done nothin’ right all night, but I’m staying out here and at some point I’m going to do something right.’”

Not that Chandler wants much credit for the Mavs’ erasing a 15-point deficit in the final five minutes of the overtime stunner.

“I still wasn’t worth nothing,” Chandler said, managing to crack a smile. “But maybe the speech helped.”