Kevin Durant: Marion isn't 'locking me up'

DALLAS – Kevin Durant shot 36 percent from the floor and committed 10 turnovers during the Thunder’s two losses to the Mavs in Oklahoma City.

What did Shawn Marion do to disrupt Durant’s rhythm? Well, Durant points out that Marion is getting a whole lot of help.

"I'm not playing one-on-one," Durant said. "I could see if he was totally locking me up and I would get in the post and he would block my shots and steal the ball, but I'm not playing one-on-one.

"Every time I get the ball, it's one-on-two, one-on-three. And as you know as a little kid, you can't play like that. So I'm passing the basketball and trying to find open spots. He's a good defender, but, sorry, it's not just him."

The Mavs are being especially aggressive using a center to double Durant when he dribbles, even above the 3-point arc. Mavs coach Rick Carlisle pointed out that the strategy played a role in the Thunder grabbing 20 offensive rebounds in Game 4.

Marion, however, deserves some credit. He responded to post-Game 2 criticism from coaches and teammates by being more physical and aggressive with Durant. It has helped that Marion has avoided early foul trouble in the last two games.

“I just try to make it as hard as possible when he does catch the ball and put some pressure on him,” Marion said. “He’s going to get the ball. It’s just about making it hard on him.”