Jason Terry: 'This is a must-win for us'

DALLAS -- The Dallas Mavericks approached the close-out Game 4 against the Los Angeles Lakers as a Game 7. They're taking the same approach into tonight's Game 5 against the Oklahoma City Thunder. A win and the Mavs advance to the NBA Finals. A loss and it's another trip up I-35.

"This is a must win for us," guard Jason Terry said. "We’re at home. Our fans have been waiting for us to come back now and I can anticipate a warm welcome. We’re going to feed off their energy and play Maverick basketball."

Terry wouldn't mind seeing a repeat of the Game 4 sweep against L.A. He scored 32 points and made a 9-of-10 shots from 3-point range. He finished that series shooting 58.7 percent from the floor and 68.4 percent from downtown. But, Terry's been off the mark more often than not against young Thunder sixth man James Harden.

Terry is shooting 37.5 percent overall in the series and 35.0 percent from beyond the arc.

Asked after Game 4 if he could tell that Thunder star Kevin Durant was frustrated with the Mavs' tough defense, Terry chuckled.

"He couldn’t possibly have been more frustrated than me," he said.

Terry was just 7-of-19 in Game 4 and 1-of-7 in the fourth quarter and overtime.