Erik Spoelstra expects fight from Mavs

MIAMI -- Must-wins two games into any series seem premature, but the Mavericks feel they can't afford to fall behind 2-0. Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is anticipating a difference in intensity tonight from Game 1.

"We expect a response from Dallas, certainly in terms of their effort, their disposition," Spoelstra said pregame. "We have to exceed all of that and make sure that we're trying to challenge all of their shots.

"They challenge your defense with their ability to shoot the ball, especially with range and multiple guys that have skill sets to put the ball on the floor and do multiple things. So we have to be on top of our game. We haven't done anything yet but win our first home game."

The first home game featured two teams shooting less than 40 percent and both sides lamenting missed opportunities on offense.

"We did execute fairly well and we were getting open looks," Spoelstra said. "We didn't knock them down, and I'm sure they think the same thing.

"That's not going to change our mindset in terms of priorities. We have to defend. We have to play with effort. It is going to be a tough physical game, and we wouldn't expect anything else."