Jason Kidd upbeat despite ragged play

MIAMI -- Jason Kidd's first two games in the Finals aren't much to write home about, at least from a box score standpoint. The Mavericks, though, wouldn't have stolen away the homecourt advantage without the contributions of the future Hall of Famer down the stretch in Game 2.

Kidd's defense against Dwyane Wade may be overlooked during the 22-5 finishing run that pulled out Thursday night's shocking 95-93 victory, but the offensive exploits of Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry wouldn't have meant much without the 38-year-old point guard shutting down the Heat star.

Wade missed all three of his shots in the last seven minutes, each a 3-pointer. Other than Wade's desperation 28-footer at the buzzer, Kidd did his best to stay between Wade and the basket. Considering the assault LeBron James' explosive wingman waged on the rim for most of the game, keeping Wade on the perimeter beat the alternative.

Kidd also nailed a wide-open 3-pointer off a pass from Nowitzki with 3:54 left, cutting a nine-point deficit to 90-84. The Heat didn't close out on Kidd, one of the few times in the series Miami didn't run out on a Mavs shooter. Perhaps the Heat were too confident with such a big lead.

The Mavs were definitely feeling something during their comeback. They've done it before, four times, in fact, in these playoffs down double digits on the road.

"I don't know if confidence is the right word," Kidd said. "We just don't break. We just keep playing. We always just try to take it from timeout to timeout, if we can get it to 10 and then five."

Kidd has struggled from an offensive standpoint in the Finals, averaging 7.5 points and 5.5 assists in the two games. He's shooting 33 percent, though is a solid 41.7 percent (5-of-12) from outside the arc. He has 11 assists -- his lowest two-game total since the Portland series -- and eight turnovers.

But he was also on the floor when the Mavs made this a series.

"Nobody hung their head," Kidd said. "Everybody was still engaged. That's where it all starts. If you lose somebody, if you feel it's over, it's not going to happen. Everybody stayed focused and we found a way."