Jason Terry: The closer returns?

DALLAS -- Jason Terry's fourth-quarter mojo had been missing throughout the playoffs until Game 2. The question now is does Terry have it back?

"I hope so," he said Saturday afternoon. "For me, obviously in the playoffs, teams are going to lock in to what you're doing. They're going to beat you to spots that you like to get to, but the good players seem to get it done anyway.

"Hopefully that will be a good sign of things to come, and we'll see what happens. But I'm going to be aggressive and continue to look for opportunities."

Terry scored eight points in the Mavericks' series-turning 22-5 run to close out Game 2, including the first six. He shot 3-for-5 in the fourth Thursday night, quite a turnaround from the Mavericks' first 16 games of the playoffs. Terry was shooting 28.6 percent from the floor and 22.7 percent the 3-point line in postseason fourth quarters before Game 2.

The Mavericks have grown to count on the former Sixth Man of the Year's production in the final period.

"He's been our closer over the last couple of years," Dirk Nowitzki said, "a great clutch player."

Terry was bottled up for much of the first seven quarters of the Finals, shooting 5-of-16 before the latest fourth-period breakout. Before that, he had been guarded by LeBron James much of the time before matching up with Mario Chalmers down the stretch of Game 2.

It certainly appeared to be easier working against the 6-foot-2 Chalmers, but Terry knows he'll probably get a good doze of James (6-8, 250) as the series goes on.

"My strategy is to utilize the space of the floor, utilize my speed and quickness to my advantage," Terry said. "Knowing if I do get to my spots where I'm comfortable, I've got to rise up and make a play or make a tough shot."