LeBron James vs. Shawn Marion

For three games of the NBA Finals, Shawn Marion has taken on LeBron James, with some help of course. It seems James, while getting a few dunks here and there on fastbreaks, is turning into a jump shooter.

James is also dribbling a lot along the perimeter with Marion on him and sometimes a double-team comes and sometimes it doesn't. Either way, James it taking more jump shots.

In Game 3, James scored 17 points on 6-of-14 shooting from the floor. In the fourth quarter of the Heat's Game 3 victory, James took three shots and missed his only two three-point attempts.

Dwyane Wade is taking over games down the stretch for the Heat, as evident by his seven fourth quarter points. Chris Bosh, for the first time in this series, also stepped up when it counted, scoring seven points, including the go-ahead basket with 39.6 seconds to play.

But the Heat had another chance to put the game away but James missed a long three.

Prior to Game 3, James said he would attack the basket more. He didn't. He's settling for jump shots, and that's mainly because of Marion and the rest of Mavs that are covering him.

In the series, of James' 45 shot attempts, 27 have been jumpers. In Game 3, James went 1-for-5 on jump shots, which is down from Game 2 when he went 4-of-10 from the floor.

Marion is trying to downplay his defensive efforts on James, to prevent any bulletin board material going on but ... "I'm playing good defense and that's all that matters," Marion said. "And I got to contain him and that's it."

James was asked about his fourth quarter performances in this series, especially on the offensive end.

"I think you're concentrating on one side of the floor," James said. "All you're looking at is the stat sheet. Honestly, I'm a two-way player Since DWade had it going offensively, so we allow him to handle the ball, bring it on offensively. You should watch the film again and see what I did defensively. You'll ask me a better question tomorrow."