Mavericks try to handle turnovers

The off day for the NBA Finals had several of the Mavericks talking about turnovers.

In the Game 3 loss to the Miami Heat on Sunday, the Mavericks turned the ball over 14 times, resulting in 19 points for the opponent. In the three games, the Mavericks have turned the ball over an average of 15 times, more than the previous three Heat opponents in the postseason.

"You have to give them credit," Mavs point guard Jason Kidd said. "If you see a window, they close it extremely fast. And so we have to understand that. We have to take better care of the ball. Sometimes our best turnovers, if we do make one, is throw it in the stands, so we can set our defense because if you don't, and they get their hands on the ball, they are laying the ball up on the other end."

When you ask the Heat players what's the key to turnovers, there is one common theme. Chris Bosh said it was they have the two fastest players in the game. Udonis Haslem said the Heat have the two fastest players in the league.

Those two are LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. When they get the ball in the open court, the Mavs, like most NBA teams, have trouble defending them.

"You cannot turn it over because they’re so athletic," center Tyson Chandler said. "They probably are the best team finishing on turnovers, and if you turn the ball over you might as well give them two points."

One way to stop the turnover issue is good ball movement. Shawn Marion and Chandler both agreed if you get the ball to the right person, it should curtail these problems.

The right person is Dirk Nowitzki, who doesn't put the ball on the floor too often. But he's facing double teams, forcing him to dribble some and make passes out of them. Nowitzki had two turnovers in Game 1, five in Game 2 and three in Game 3.

This is not to say it's Nowitzki's fault, but the Heat are charging after him at times and will also use a physical presence in Haslem on him.

"We got to get it to our star player, and that’s Dirk," guard DeShawn Stevenson said. "He's trying to find us and if we’re not making shots, we can't help him. We got to force feed it and I think we as a team, we got to go out and help him."