Chris Bosh stays in the hotel

Chris Bosh is the hometown guy coming back to play in the NBA Finals.

Of course, Bosh has played against the Mavericks numerous times as a member of the Toronto Raptors and now this season for the Miami Heat.

But Bosh is not visiting family members or having them over to talk. In fact, Bosh didn't even know his high school coach, Leonard Bishop, from Dallas Lincoln, got a ticket for Tuesday night's game at the AAC.

"I'm not home," Bosh said Tuesday morning. "I haven't left the hotel. I told people before that was my plan and they respect that. Nobody visits me, everybody knows I'm in my own world right now."

Bosh has struggled in this series but he arrived late in Game 3 with by scoring seven of his 18 points in the fourth quarter which included a go-ahead basket with 39.6 seconds to play in the fourth quarter.

Bosh said he needs time away from family and friends, he doesn't even know how they get tickets to the games, to remain focused on winning a NBA title.

"Every coach in the world is trying to reach me," Bosh said. "I have a bunch of cousins who want to talk and over 100 family members, but you have to prioritize your time."