Dirk Nowitzki is feeling better

Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki had a fever of about 101 on Tuesday morning.

It was clear Nowitzki struggled with his shot in Game 4 on Tuesday night. He was short on a few jumpers and didn't finish some drives to the basket. Nowitzki finished with 21 points but provided 10 points in the fourth quarter.

But the Miami Heat didn't seemed too impressed. Or maybe some of the Heat players are thinking too much is made of what Nowitzki battled through to play in Game 4.

"Everyone is injured at this time," Dwyane Wade said Wednesday before the Heat practiced. "I'm not going to get into the fun-loving story of him being sick either. Once you show up on the court, you show up on the court. Everyone is equal. He's a great player without all the dramatics of the stories that's been going on. That won't change anything that goes on in his career. I'm not getting into that."

After the Mavs' 86-83 Game 4 victory, Chris Bosh was asked if he knew Nowitzki was sick.

"No, there is not an illness report before the game or anything," Bosh said. "I've never been out there and somebody points and said, 'He's got a fever.' "

Normally after games, Nowitzki is one of the last players to meet reporters, but on Tuesday night he was the first player to speak. The Mavericks locker room was still closed when Nowitzki talked with reporters.

"Try to get out of here pretty quickly and go home and take a long shower and just go to bed right away," Nowitzki said. "I had some soup and had a good meal. Just drank some fluids, drank some tea and just feel a lot better today."

Nowitzki said he still has a high temperature but his fever is gone.

"Anything else, the sniffles or the cough, you don't really care about that as long as the fever is gone," Nowitzki said. "That's the main thing you worry about."

Shawn Marion joked that there is nothing wrong with Nowitzki.

"Dirk is not sick," Marion said. "This is The Finals, that's his sickness."