Meet Mavs' Ali Dee: Transplant turned Texan

Dave Wilson of ESPN's Page 2 caught up with Ali Dee, who is known affectionately as "The First Lady of the Mavs." It seems her career continues to take off. Here's a snippet of the story:

Ali Dee, who works for the Dallas Mavericks, is also an aspiring country singer who lives with her boyfriend, professional bull rider Cory Melton, on a ranch in a town with a population of about 500 people southwest of Fort Worth.

Sports. Country music. Life on the ranch. She's got every old stereotype covered. Not bad for a girl who grew up near Miami.

"I love Texas," Dee said. "I had visited several times before moving here, and it always felt like a perfect fit -- the people, the atmosphere, the food. Everything about it, I just fell in love with it."

And more ...

Her budding music career will be showcased in a new reality series on CMT beginning on July 14. The show, with the working title "Texas Women," will follow Dee and three other women involved in country music and rodeo. It's not exactly the "Real Housewives."

"This show is going to blow all those other shows out of the water," Dee said. "Because the women aren't just running around shopping and wearing the best clothes. We work!"