Tyson Chandler: I feel like we want it more

DALLAS -- The last three games of the NBA Finals have been decided by a total of seven points and none by more than three points. The road team has already won half of the games played.

With Game 5 tonight, the last of three in Dallas before the series shifts back to Miami for Game 6 and potentially a Game 7, which team is feeling the most pressure to win tonight?

"I think the pressure is on both teams," Mavs center Tyson Chandler said. "We know this is an important game. Whoever gets this game is going to be able win one out of the next two for a ring. ... It’s just about who wants it more and who is going to dig deep at this time of the year."

So which team wants it more?

"I feel like we want it more," Chandler said.

The Mavs have played from behind most of series, whether in Miami or Dallas, something they keep talking about changing but have yet to accomplish. To their credit, they've twice rallied from fourth-quarter deficits -- 15 points in Miami and nine points in Dallas -- to even the series.

"We’re comfortable [playing from behind], but I’d rather see us play from ahead for a while for a change," Chandler said. "This series they’ve applied so much pressure on us. We’ve had to make comebacks at the end of the game. I’d rather see for the rest of the series us get ahead and stay ahead.

"It’s just a matter of us wearing them down. We’ve got to continue wearing them down, wearing them down, wearing them down and then in the fourth quarter play to show for it."