Title won, Mark Cuban breaks his silence

MIAMI -- Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was having a ball. He yelled at the refs, cheered with his team and got a champagne bath.

"Did anybody inform you guys? We're world champions," Cuban told reporters after the Mavs ended the NBA Finals with a 105-95 victory over the Miami Heat in Sunday night's Game 6.

Cuban said earlier in the season that he didn't think the Heat would have success with the Big Three. When asked about those comments after the Mavs' win, Cuban said, "I could care less about the Heat. That's their problem. We played a great game. The Heat is a great team. They did their thing, we did ours. We scored more points, so that's all that matters."

Cuban did a nice thing by having NBA commissioner David Stern present the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy to original Mavericks owner Donald Carter.

Carter choked up when asked about getting the trophy from Stern.

"Mark is class," Carter said. "He's the only guy that I've ever known that loves basketball more than my wife. He's the only person. He has been such class and he just wanted to take it through the progression we started and he took it to the finish line and he really has. And he did it with class."

Cuban hasn't been as vocal during the postseason as he has been in years past. He's been fined numerous times by the league for his comments, mainly about the referees. This go-round, he decided to keep quiet.

"The big mystery, huh?" Cuban said. "We had just done playing Portland and going to L.A. I knew the questions everybody was going to ask. They were going to ask me about my repartee with Phil Jackson and the things I said about Ron Artest. I didn't want to get in the middle of a back-and-forth about that. And then we went to Oklahoma City and I was going to get asked about why I didn't vote to have the Sonics move so close to me. Why didn't I vote against it? Then about 2006, it didn't make any sense to say anything. The quieter I got, the more we won. I didn't want to break the karma."