Did LeBron James have a Tony Romo moment?

One of the worst losses in Cowboys history came in the 2008 regular-season finale at Philadelphia.

Needing a victory to reach the postseason, the Cowboys lost, 44-6, to the Eagles. It was a terrible on-the-field performance. After the game, hurting due to a rib injury, quarterback Tony Romo was asked about another difficult loss in December. At that time, Romo's record fell to 5-8 in December.

Romo tried to put things in perspective by saying, "I wake up tomorrow and I keep living."

It was an interesting comment from the quarterback after such an embarrassing loss.

Sunday night after Game 6 of the NBA Finals, LeBron James, who has been criticized for his poor play in the fourth quarter, commented on what his critics have said about him.

"They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal," James said. "But they have to get back to the real world at some point."

It was almost as if James was telling his critics to get over it, because he's a rich man who will be all right.

Fans want players to feel their pain, especially in public, and when it doesn't happen, which was the case with Romo and James, criticism mounts.

People who know Romo said he felt bad about the Eagles loss, but with growth he probably wouldn't be so flippant after a loss again, and he hasn't. Romo, in fact, has become one of the more trusted leaders on the Cowboys, from organizing the private workouts during the lockout to getting on players behind the scenes when things go wrong.

Dwyane Wade is without question the leader of the Heat. In time, maybe James will become a leader on the Heat, much like Romo is now with the Cowboys.