Dirk Nowitzki drinks like a champion

MIAMI BEACH – Dirk Nowitzki barely celebrated throughout the Mavericks’ magical run. He made an exception after the sweep of the Lakers, cheating on his diet to eat some pizza.

Then he really let loose after the Mavs finished the job by beating the Heat to claim the franchise’s first championship.

Nowitzki joined owner Mark Cuban and the rest of Mavericks players and support staff to party at Club Liv, located at the Fountainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Dirk, who abstains from alcohol all season, gleefully chugged from the giant champagne bottle Cuban ordered and passed to his franchise player.

That was one of at least 100 champagne bottles ordered by the Mavs’ party, which passed around the Larry O’Brien Trophy while dancing in the club. Much of the Mavs’ party, including Nowitzki and Cuban, stayed in the club and savored the moment until about 5 a.m.