Surprise balcony sing-a-long delights fans

DALLAS -- Led by their arm-waving NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki, the Dallas Mavericks surprised fans partying on the South Plaza when players and coaches unexpectedly emerged onto the balcony overlooking the plaza.

Instantly fans began to scream as they rushed toward the balcony.

Owner Mark Cuban greeted the packed plaza and thanked them for their support. Before he could finish, the crowd began chanting, "MVP, MVP."

Cuban passed the microphone to the shaggy-haired 7-footer, who was wearing a Mavs championship "Raise the Banner" T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up on a hot day under a pristine, blue sky. Nowitzki then asked the crowd to join him in a rendition of "We are the Champions."

At once, several thousand fans sang along with the Dirk and the rest of the gang, belting out the chorus before being joined by the band that had been going strong on the plaza for the past couple of hours. Throughout the singing, Nowitzki stood in the center of the balcony --under the giant video screen that showed a montage of the champions and above the adoring fans -- flanked by his giddy teammates and alternating between waving his arms and pumping his fist into the sky.

It was an incredible impromptu moment for the fans who chose to wait for the team at the arena rather than make their way to the parade route.