Jason Terry: The long (and shorts) of it

Dallas Mavericks shooting guard Jason Terry is being run through the ESPN Car Wash -- making appearances on multiple shows, chatting with ESPN Dallas and even sitting down with Dave Wilson of Page 2.

Among the topics discussed: Tattoos, wearing shorts of opposing teams to bed, more tattoos and what he might do after his NBA career.

A sampling:

What else can we solve with that Nostradamus Arm? Can you maybe get something to solve the financial crisis?

I thought about that. I thought about getting a dollar sign on there. DeShawn Stevenson has Abraham Lincoln. Five dollars.

Maybe we can get a world peace tattoo on there, so we can make that happen?

That would be hot. Anything. Maybe Obama -- we're going to see him in October. Maybe he'll get one.

So you're serious about this coaching thing after you finish playing.

I would love to go back to my alma mater, Arizona, and coach. That would be my first stop. I don't want to be the assistant, I don't want to be a grad assistant or anything. I want to be right there, be the head man and do great things.