Bruce Pearl still weighing his options?

Last we saw of Bruce Pearl he was smiling and answering questions at a news conference to announce that he was interested in Donnie Nelson's whale of an offer to coach his D-League Texas Legends in Frisco.

It's been awfully quiet since then as Nelson's half-million-dollar-plus contract offer (Nelson, the president of basketball operations for the Dallas Mavericks is co-owner of the Legends) awaits Pearl's signature. The question is: Does the fired Tennessee coach, who is awaiting punishment from the NCAA while also trying to land a TV analyst gig, want the Legends job?

Well, Pearl seems to be wrangling with the decision. He made a radio appearance on a Nashville radio station Monday and talked about his future.

Asked if he was leaning toward taking the job he said:

"Prior to going down to Dallas for my interview the lean was that I was probably not going to do it. But having been there and met the people the lean now is that it's a possibility. It's a family decision. I'd have to leave my family, I'm a divorced dad, and there'd be some kids that aren't out of school yet and in college yet that are encouraging me that are saying, "Daddy it's only six months, you should go."

Asked if he expects to coach college basketball again, Pearl said:

"Yeah, I would. I certainly would." As soon as I'm allowed it [coaching in college] would be my intention. I've been doing it my entire life and I would like to think that the good outweighs the bad. And the good has very little to do with winning or losing, it has to do with ... six kids graduating this year."