Nice crowd sees plenty of showboating

DALLAS -- A crowd of about 2,000 watched from wooden bleachers as 18 NBA players got together at the old-school P.C. Cobb Complex in Fair Park for a little fun during this frustratingly long lockout.

As expected, defense was left at the door and players like Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, Howard and others put on a high-flying show complete with every requisite dunk and long-distance 3-pointer. The final five minutes turned into a dunk-a-thon with each possession basically going up against no defense to see which side could come up with a better dunk.

The Blue Team, headlined by Aldridge, Mavs forward Corey Brewer and Nick Young outscored Howard's White Team that featured Durant and shot-happy Damon Jones, 139-128.

No stats were kept at the game, unlike at some of these exhibition games where the scores have reached the 160s. So there was no way to tell if Durant actually did set a career-high in assists as he claimed when seeking out a nonexistent official box score.

If there was one disappointing aspect to the night was that exciting Washington Wizards point guard John Wall was in the building, but did not suit up.

It was a fun and semi-entertaining event, but it also revealed just how much everyone is yearning for the NBA to get back on the court.

The NBPA will meet Monday in New York. Perhaps then, the 2011-12 season will gain some traction.