Could Corey Brewer become key reserve?

On the second day that NBA players were allowed back into practice facilities, a second Dallas Mavericks player made it back to the American Airlines Center.

Corey Brewer, the lanky, 6-foot-9 small forward with high hopes for the season, greeted the media and went through a workout on the Mavs' practice floor for the first time since the Finals.

"It feels good just to walk back in the gym," Brewer said.

Brewer could find himself with a bigger role on the team this season, especially if Caron Butler does not re-sign. Such a scenario would seemingly keep Shawn Marion in the starting role (which he took over in the latter portions of last season) and move Brewer into the backup spot. Brewer came to Dallas mid-season with an open attitude to learn and improve, while taking a backseat on a roster loaded with former All-Stars.

It's easy to forget that Brewer, a two-time NCAA champion at Florida, is just 25 years old. He played his first NBA three seasons with the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves, which certainly could have been a disheartening experience that included an awful lot of losing and provided little leadership from a roster lacking much veteran know-how.

"I went through three years of every night, night in, night out of losing," Brewer said. "So to come here and win it’s a blessingto me. The Mavs, we get it done. I feel like Mark Cuban, all the guys, coach [Rick] Carlisle, everybody’s great. They do whatever it takes to win. Minnesota was a little different because we were a very young team. So, I went from being one of the oldest guys to one of the youngest guys, so that’s a big difference, too."

Brewer, signed through the 2012-13 season, is looked at as potentially giving the Mavs a needed jolt of athleticism and youth, particularly during what will be a compressed 66-game regular season.