Route 66: Toughest stretch of games

March madness will take on a different meaning for the Mavs this season.

The Mavs have two especially tough stretches that month. The first couple of weeks will test the Mavs’ endurance, while the second half of the month will test their talent.

The Mavs’ only back-to-back-to-back grind of the season is a Phoenix-Sacramento-Golden State road trip from March 8-10. That finishes off a stretch of five games in six nights that starts an Oklahoma City/New York home/road back-to-back.

It’s tough enough to play five games in a 144-hour span. The Mavs must face five foes that love to play fast.

Six of the Mavs’ eight games in the second half of the month are against teams that made the playoffs last season. That stretch starts with a home game against the Spurs and ends with a Sunshine State back-to-back at Miami and Orlando. It also features a road trip to Denver, a visit from the Lakers, a San Antonio/Houston road back-to-back and a visit from the Rockets.