Barkley: Mavs should've re-signed Chandler

Sir Charles says the Mavericks can't repeat now that Tyson Chandler is gone. He also comments on the failed Chris Paul trade, the BCS system, RGIII's shot at the Heisman and more.

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On the Mavs’ chances of repeating without Tyson Chandler:

You know I'm a big Mavericks fan ... that's going to be like you Ian, one and done. Next thing you going to be looking for some cigarettes.

As much as I love Dirk and those guys, Tyson was the reason the Mavericks won the championship. I'm disappointed the Mavs are not re-signing him, because they can have a little run here.

All the other teams in the league got some serious questions. I mean the Lakers got to make a trade, Miami's got to get five or six players. They've got like four players now. They have no big guys, so I thought they had a chance to make a nice little run here because you know Dirk [Nowitzki] is still relatively young, Tyson's relatively young. Shawn [Marion] got some good years left in him, [Jason Terry] got some good years left in him. I thought they could have made a nice little run here.

Dirk probably got two great years left. If they kept Tyson Chandler they had like a three-year window where they could win a championship, cause right now it’s up for grabs bro. There’s a reason the Lakers are trying to trade all these players. They know they’re not good enough. The Heat to me don’t look like they’ve gotten bigger and they still haven’t replenished their bench. The Celtics, they're the oldest team in the league by far. So if I was them I would keep Tyson Chandler.