Stephen Jackson: 'Dallas sucks to me'

Matt Barnes apparently didn’t pass on the message to his former Golden State Warriors teammates. Or news just travels especially slowly to Stephen Jackson.

While entertaining the Milwaukee media as the Bucks began training camp, Jackson asked who won the NBA championship last season, noting that he didn’t watch the playoffs. Informed that the Mavs beat the Heat, he responded with a classic Wacko Jacko line.

“Dallas sucks to me,” Jackson said, according to the Bucksetball blog.

Well, it sure is tough to argue with well thought-out logic like that.

Those guys from the 2007 Golden State team seem to hold a pretty strong grudge despite pulling off the rare 8 vs. 1 upset.

Remember Barnes’ Twitter boast about those Warriors establishing the punk-'em blueprint to beat the Mavs? Funny, we didn’t hear much about that while Barnes mostly watched from the L.A. bench as the Mavs swept the Lakers in last season’s West semifinals.

The Mavs will get a chance to prove to Jackson that they don’t suck when the Bucks visit the AAC on Jan. 13.