Carter, Cardinal arrive, but don't practice

DALLAS -- The Dallas Mavericks have two visitors in the house to watch their first full scrimmage of training camp Sunday night. Brian Cardinal and Vince Carter are at the American Airlines Center, but neither will participate in the workout.

Both players still have to sign their contracts and the paperwork sent into the league. The Mavs are expecting both players to participate in Monday's two practices. Carter is expected to sign a three-year deal. However, years two and three are not fully guaranteed. The Mavs can pay him the new "mini" mid-level exception, which is a starting first-year salary of $3 million.

Before Dallas made the trade for Lamar Odom on and his $8.9 million salary Saturday night, it is possible that the Mavs could have used the full mid-level exception on Carter, which has a starting salary of $5 million. Teams with a payroll more than $4 million over the luxury tax threshold ($70.3 million) are limited to the lesser mid-level exception.

Cardinal is believed to be signing a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum.

Odom is not expected in Dallas until Monday or Tuesday.