Lamar Odom: Repeating is tougher task

DALLAS -- Last season there wasn't a single Dallas Mavericks player that had experienced winning a championship. Now, at least they have one with the experience of defending one.

Lamar Odom played on back-to-back championship teams with the Los Angeles Lakers and appeared in three consecutive Finals. He said defending the title is more difficult than winning it the first time.

"It’s hard, it’s hard, it’s hard," Odom said during his Dallas debut during Tuesday's media day at the American Airlines Center. "If they thought winning the championship was hard, defending it is going to be tougher. Everybody’s coming for you rather than you doing the hunting, which changes the mindsets of teams and your team. But, if a team can do it, this one can."

The Mavs won't only be the target of other teams in the league, but there will be a new competent hanging around --gossip magazines and TV shows that cover Odom's reality show life off the court with wife Khloe Kardashian. TMZ.com has reported that the couple plans to bring the camera crew to Dallas to continue shooting their show, "Khloe & Lamar," as well as Khloe's other show with her famous sisters, "Keeping up with the Kardishians."

When asked if he will continue filming the show in Dallas now that he's with the more low-profile Mavs, Odom said it will be a topic up for discussion with his new teammates and owner Mark Cuban, who recently served as a guest anchor on "Entertainment Tonight."

"That’s something we’ll speak about," Odom said. "He [Cuban] seems like a guy that he’ll really like it though. He’s outgoing and rambunctious. I’ll talk to him about it. It is what I do, but if it’s going to get in the way, it’s something that I have to talk to my teammates about and coach and Mark."

Kobe Bryant came out recently and said the show was not a distraction and that Odom had his best season last year while doing the show. Others have voiced dissenting opinions.

"It’s hard for me to worry about that," Odom said of the show being a distraction. "I had a great year. I never really like to bring that up, be cocky about it, but I’m pretty sure shooting a reality show, I handled my weight as far as on the court is concerned. You never know what is going to make you concentrate a little harder and I think it did."

Dirk Nowitzki said he can handle it with one condition.

"That’s OK, the NBA has always been a circus in the locker room," Dirk said. "As long as they don’t stand outside my house, I’m OK."