Carlisle on Corey Brewer: Only so many minutes

DALLAS -- Tuesday's trade that sent Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer to the Denver Nuggets for a second-round pick in the 2016 draft and two small trade exceptions the Dallas Mavericks will probably never use amounted to a salary dump.

"Those are guys we liked, but at this point looking at the roster, it’s a huge money savings, and there are only so many minutes," coach Rick Carlisle said after Wednesday's morning practice. "Truthfully, we’re looking at those two major factors, and it helps our flexibility this year and next year to be able to unload those contracts. But make no mistake, those are both players we like and will play very well at the place that they’re going."

Dallas was done dealing with the petulant Fernandez, who saw the writing on the wall when the team signed Vince Carter to a roster that already had Jason Terry and Rodrigue Beaubois, who also need to get minutes. But Denver wanted the long and lanky youthfulness of Brewer, a player the Mavs really like. But realistically, Brewers wasn't going to get much run this season after the team's surprise trade for Lamar Odom.

So Dallas made the deal and will take the some $10 million in savings -- payroll and luxury tax -- this season. Plus, the team will add about $3 million (Brewer's 2012-13 salary) to the growing cap space for the summer of 2012.

Meanwhile, the Nuggets needed a wing player with a couple of players stuck playing in China. Brewer didn't play much for the Mavs last season after signing mid-season to a three-year contract. He worked hard with Carlisle on his jumper, and Dallas had hopes of him contributing this season while playing behind Shawn Marion.

That all changed when Odom, possibly a one-and-done player with the Mavs, arrived.