Is Delonte West a Barea/Stevenson blend?

DALLAS – J.J. Barea is gone to Minnesota. DeShawn Stevenson soon will land with a team that will give him more money and minutes than the Mavericks did.

Meanwhile, Delonte West gives the Mavs some of the best elements both of those guys offered.

At least, that’s the Mavs’ hope for West, although that seems to be expecting a lot from a man who signed a one-year, minimum-salary contract.

“West is a guy that can give us Barea’s penetration,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “He can give us Stevenson’s edginess and toughness.”

Added president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson: “It’s almost kind of the perfect combination of those two guys.”

West will be the Mavs’ primary backup point guard. They hope he can adequately fill Barea’s shoes as a pick-and-roll ballhandler and scoring point guard for the second unit.

West, a starter on a 66-win Cleveland team a few years ago, will also be counted on to occasionally fill Stevenson’s shoes as a heavily tattooed defensive stopper who gets under the skin of opponents.

“You talk about a guy that’s gutsy,” Nelson said. “Without DeShawn, we’re missing a little of that mental, take-no-prisoners toughness. That’s what [West is] all about. He’s a winner. He’s not afraid of any situation.”

West does come with some off-the-court baggage. According to reports, he was arrested in 2009 after police found four weapons -- a Beretta 9mm, a Ruger .357 magnum, a shotgun (in a guitar case) and a Bowie knife -- after pulling over West for negligent driving on a three-wheel motorcycle. West, who has bipolar disorder, pleaded guilty to two charges and was sentenced to home detention and probation.

However, West’s character isn’t a concern for the Mavs. They see him as a gym rat who gives them a needed dose of nastiness.

“Listen, I like milk drinkers, but I don’t like too many milk drinkers,” Carlisle said. “We need guys that are edgy, that bring attitude.”