Vince Carter says knees feel better

DALLAS -- Mavericks guard Vince Carter iced his knees following Friday's Fan Jam at American Airlines Center, but said he feels better now that he took a day off this week and received treatment. Carter had been dealing with some tendinitis.

"It was just a little overuse," said Carter, who added he didn't take a break while working out over the summer and needed to rest the knees a bit. "I took that day and did some strenghtening and some ice and next thing I know, it's gone. I feel great."

Carter said it's a "crash course" getting to know his new teammates and the way the Mavericks do things.

"I've put a lot of time in, so I feel comfortable," Carter said.

Carter admitted he's ready to get the season going.

"It was a long lockout, but it was one of those things that you're excited to get back out there and get rolling again and get all the rust off and get playing," Carter said. "It's all going to happen fast."