Lamar Odom's sideshow already rolling

DALLAS -- First preseason game and the cameras are already in the locker room -- before the game. To catch tonight's intriguing story you'll have to catch a February episode of "Khloe and Lamar" or "Keeping up with the Kardishians."

The young man asking unsuspecting media caught on camera to sign a waiver said the footage could be used on either show.

"No? Really?" was Brian Cardinal's reaction to being told the crew was from the reality TV show starring Khloe Kardashian and her basketball-playing husband, who now happens to play for the Dallas Mavericks, Lamar Odom.

Asked if Khloe and her brother Rob, who lived with the couple in L.A., are excited about coming to Dallas, Odom, in his hushed voice, said they most absolutely are.

"The whole family pretty much is," Odom said prior to Sunday's first preseason game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. "While we’re here we’re going to have fun like we always do. Sometimes people think given the circumstances that our lifestyle is bizarre, but people forget that in any family you have your differences. But, like every other family you have normalcy, you know what I mean? So, I’m looking forward to Christmas Day and eating and just enjoying my family."

They're already in Dallas as Khloe let her more than 5 million Twitter followers know: "Yay!!! On my way to the first pre-season game with @robscheppy to see my Lam play for the @dallasmavs. Woooohoooo"

Hopefully, she reminds here Lam that the Mavs also open the regular season at 1:30 p.m. Christmas Day against the Miami Heat.