Yi Jianlian likely headed to Frisco first

DALLAS -- Yi Jianlian, the 6-foot-10 Chinese forward the Dallas Mavericks have long coveted and have agreed to sign to a one-year deal, is in Dallas and attended Monday's 100-87 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Coach Rick Carlisle said Jianlian will likely first be sent to the Frisco-based Texas Legends of the D-League and that a timetable for his debut with the Mavs isn't known.

"Time will determine that," Carlisle said. "It's going to take him awhile to get used to what we're doing. He may spend some time in the D-League initially. And so, I can't give an accurate answer right now as far as when exactly he's going to be up and on the roster."

Jianlian will become the 15th and final player on the Mavs' roster. He was playing in China and is recovering from a minor knee injury. He has played four seasons in the NBA with three teams prior to joining Dallas.