Mike Brown had big plans for Lamar Odom

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- First-year Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike Brown never got a chance to coach Lamar Odom, but he certainly had big plans for the 6-foot-10 forward who was traded to the Dallas Mavericks just a couple days into training camp.

Odom never stepped foot on the Lakers practice court after the lockout because he was so upset about being packaged by the Lakers in a deal for Chris Paul that ultimately collapsed and sent Odom to the Mavs.

"Yeah, he was definitely going to be a part of what I was hoping to do with this team," Brown said. "He’s a very good player and we’ve got guys that are going to step up, and they can’t be him, but they’ll step up and try to fill the void that he left when he got traded. We just kind of go from there. It’s no secret, I don’t think anybody would say that having Lamar Odom off your team is better than having him on your team."

Odom has struggled to mesh with the Mavs so far for a variety of reasons, one being a position switch from power forward to small forward. Odom rarely if ever saw the floor with Paul Gasol and Andrew Bynum and was almost exclusively locked into the power forward position.

Brown said he was entertaining the idea of a massive front line that would have included the 6-foot-10 Odom and 7-footers Bynum and Gasol.

"It’s probably something I would have experimented with. Big, long, it would have been fun to take a look at," Brown said. "[Odom] would have been the third big, but he’s a starter, too, so he could easily have started at times for us and/or finished games for us. He would have been a big part of what we’re trying to do."