Brandan Wright brings Lob City to Dallas

DALLAS -- When 6-foot-10 Dallas Mavericks skywalker Brandan Wright is in the game, it's almost expected now that an alley-oop is going to happen.

It happened Wednesday night in spectacular fashion.

Coming off a Minnesota turnover in the first half, Jason Terry and Wright broke upcourt chasing the ball as it scooted along the floor in front of them. Wright, running on the left wing, reached down and pushed the ball over to Terry running parallel to him down the middle of the floor. Terry, right at about at the 3-point arc, reached down, but instead of picking up the ball, he scooped it and in one motion lobbed it way, way up.

Wright launched himself, grabbed it with both hands, his 7-foot-5 wing span rising straight up well above the rim, and then with his outstretched body leaning forward, flushed it home with ferocity.

"I didn't know he was going to throw it up," Wright said. "It was just instincts. Believe it or not, you work on crazy stuff like that in practice. It's part of the game and you've got to be ready for anything."

The fourth-year pro out of North Carolina said his vertical leap was 36 inches back in school. Now? Try 41 inches, Wright said of his most recent measurement prior to the season.

"Long offseason," he said. "You can do a lot of work on a lot of stuff."

The alley-oop was so spectacular that Dirk Nowitzki, who was sitting this one out and sitting in on the television broadcast from the bench at the time, went absolutely bonkers. As Wright soared and slammed, Nowitzki unleashed, "Ohhhhh, shut it down! Let's go home!"

Wright and Terry have paired on a few alley-oop dunks. A few games back, Terry sent a lob from near the baseline that forced Wright to reach back with his outstretched left arm and throw it down. Nothing, it seems, is out of his reach.

"He trusts me that I can get the job done," Wright said. "We talk about it all the time. He says if he sees a small window he'll make me look good."