Pregame buzz: Roddy B. progressing at PG

DALLAS -- Rodrigue Beaubois had a rough time against Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook on Wednesday night.

That gives him something in common with the vast majority of point guards in the league.

All in all, the Mavericks are more than pleased with Beaubois’ performance as a fill-in for Jason Kidd, who will miss at least two more games.

Beaubois has averaged 13.3 points on .442 shooting in the last four games despite a 3-of-13 night in the loss to the Thunder. More impressively and importantly, he has had 25 assists and only four turnovers in the four-game span.

“I’m just trying to help the team the best I can,” Beaubois said. “Just try to be aggressive and make the team play at the same time.”

Compare that to Beaubois’ five assists and six turnovers in two games as the starting point guard last season. He scored only six points on 2-of-14 shooting during that terrible stint.

“We’ve always had the belief that he’s going to get better at the point and that he’s going to continue growing,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “Right now, as he has good games, the challenge is going to be to continue to get better as he’s having those good games because scouting becomes such a factor. He’s on a good path. He’s just got to continue to work hard and stay the path.”